Quality Assurance Services

In the Digital Transformation era, quality assurance and control plays an important role in ensuring software quality that is being delivered and quality software enhances customer experience

Quality Assurance Services

Cashapona offers independent quality assurance and testing services for the next generation enterprises across the globe. Our experienced and deep-skilled quality assurance and testing professionals can understand end-to-end solution and challenges faced by enterprises and deliver fully tested software products.

Our testing professionals can deliver quality tested software across devices such as desktop, mobile, tablet or next-gen enterprise applications with all kind of integrations, workflows etc.

Our technology expertise

  • Manual Testing

    Our QA team will improve the software quality and improve user experience with usability tests leveraging manual testing tools and approaches

  • Automation Testing

    We deliver automation testing with scripts so that enterprises can leverage this service to accelerate their software product delivery and leverage the same for enhancements to deliver risk free releases with acceleration

  • Performance Testing

    Our QA team helps enterprises to analyze, detect and fix issues the performance bottlenecks under peak load, normal load or extreme scenarios

  • Testing Tools & Frameworks

    Selenium, PiTest, JMeter, Robo Framework, Fortify, Burp Suite

  • Mobile Application Testing

    We help organizations to have top mobile apps with our mobile application testing services

  • Enterprise Application Testing

    We tailor our testing approach, methodology, tools to suite organization needs of enterprise applications with their expectations

  • Independent QA Services

    We can provide our testing professionals to ensure independent testing of their software

  • Security Testing

    We help organizations to evaluate the security measures applied in each and every step of the software products

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