Thinking About AI/ML enabled & NextGen Application?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning (ML) is the wave of technology which will bring
significant disruption the way world will operate. Specific applications of AI include intelligent
systems, natural language processing, speech recognition, computer vision, OCR/ICR etc

Nextgen Application

Cashapona has strong team of researchers, practitioners and developers to provide inception to implementation (I-2-I) to develop NextGen applications, Model Development, Training & Tuning, Annotation, IoT Data Processing with Event Driven Architecture, Enable Blockchain capabilities etc.

Our technology expertise

  • Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)

    We deliver NextGen enterprise application enhancing customer experience by integrating ASR services to provide automatic speech to text capabilities and also to get more insights from conversations

  • Conversational AI for Chat & Voice

    We help customer to build conversational interface into any application voice and chat their by giving enhanced user experience with NextGen capabilities for the App

  • NextGen AI/ML Applications

    Our professionals have expertise to integrate AI/ML services into application increasing productivity, efficiency and providing customer value and insights. Some of the ML Solutions integrated are propensity to pay prediction, payment recommendations, architect the outreach techniques and buying behaviors and preferences

  • Technology, Services & Frameworks

    TensorFlow, R, SciKit, Theano, Torch, Amazon Transcribe, Amazon Textract, Amazon Lex, Microservices APIs for HyperLedger/Golang/ CouchDB, Microservices APIs for Crypto Exchanges, EDA Infrastructure for IoT Data Processing etc

  • Testing Tools & Frameworks

    Selenium, PiTest, JMeter, Robo Framework, Fortify, Burp Suite

  • OCR/ICR (Optical/Intelligent Character Recognition)

    Our experts help developing capabilities within application to automatically extract printed text, handwriting, and data from any document their by eliminating the manual entries

  • Enable Blockchain Ecosystem

    We can enable your application by leveraging the blockchain ecosystem to replace the thousands of copies of transactions

  • App to aggregate Crypto Currency Exchanges

    We help develop a NextGen application and Mobile App for Crypto Currency Aggregator connecting to various Exchanges to buy & sell securely

  • IoT data processing with EDA

    We help enterprises to design and built Event Driven Architecture in cloud infrastructure to process data send through various IoT devices (AWS Cloud)

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