Full Stack Development & Support

Cashapona has strong end-to-end application
development capabilities to deliver software,
products and services.

We bring delivery excellence and “DRFT – Do it
Right First Time” experience to the customers.

Customer Experience Design

Cashapona help clients throughout all stages of
their business and digital roadmap. Shaping the
product is our sweet spot, delivered via our Ideation
to Scaling approach.

Thinking About Cloud Implementations?

Cashapona has strong team of practitioners and
developers to deliver cloud
assessment/strategy/roadmap, cloud migration, IT
operations & management, managed IT services across
cloud service providers like AWS, Azure and GCP

Thinking About DevSecOps?

Cashapona practitioners and experts can implement
automation of entire build process, deployment and
secure the application in the process leveraging
various open source tools/scripts or cloud service
provided tools/scripts. We also provide monitoring
service built leveraging various tools and

Thinking About AI / ML Applications?

Cashapona has strong team of researchers,
practitioners and developers to provide inception to
implementation (I-2-I) to develop intelligent applications, Model Development, Training & Tuning,annotation etc.

Thinking About RPA?

Cashapona has strong team of practitioners and
developers to provide Inception to implementation (I-2-I)
services of RPA.

We are proud Kofax profesional service partner and
serving the Global Kofax customer base in Kofax RPA,
Kofax Capture (KC), Kofax Transformation (KTM) and
Kofax Total agility (KTA) implementations and suport.