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Team of Researchers, Academicians, Practitioners with strong academic and industry background. 100% bootstrapped by Industry veterans, who has more than cumulative 65+ years of IT experience with deep passion to bring delivery excellence and DRFT experience to the customers.

The Story Behind Our Name

Every customer or stakeholder we interact the first question being asked what is Cashapona and the story behind our name. We thought the secret to be revealed . We chose the name Cashapona as it is the unique walking palm in the world which can walk. Cashapona is also famously called the walking palm. Cashapona is a palm native to rainforests in tropical Central and South America. It can grow to 25 meters in height, with a stem diameter of up to 16 cm, but is more typically 15–20 m tall and 12 cm in diameter. It has unusual stilt roots which makes the palm tree move, the function of which has been debated.

We found the name is very adept to our culture which is unique and agile and moving. A closer look at our Logo indicates ASAP is highlighted within      which indicates we will deliver the projects faster meeting the Go to market needs of customers with the highest quality.

Ravi Pachipala

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Ravi is an accomplished leader with over 22 years of experience in creating and managing repeatable, predictable and sustainable operating model to drive growth and business continuity. Lead global Teams in various responsibilities including P & L. Vastly experienced in managing large Application Development and Service Delivery and Support and Maintenance programs for Global Leaders in Technology, Utilities and Manufacturing Domain. Won multiple excellent awards for Delivery, Organisational Change Management and People Management. Negotiated multiyear Managed service contracts and executed successfully. Lifelong Student and adopts – ‘learn-it-all’ culture Vs ‘know-it-all’ culture 

Suresh V.

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Suresh is Technology Leader of 20+ Years of experience in Architecture consulting experience with comprehensive business/technical skill set in architecture, business process reengineering and disruptive services. Developed and implemented several complex enterprise applications. Change agent and solution enabler with a passion for technology and skilled in grasping the big picture, strategizing, conceptualizing, developing and implementing Enterprise solutions. Strong technology services professional skilled in Digital technologies, RPA, Enterprise Software, Enterprise Architecture, Agile/DevOps Methodologies, Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence and IT Strategy.

Dr. Krishna Dutt

Advisory board member - ML/AI

Architecting the Large Scale ML applications/Products, Several patents and research papers. Deep Neural networks and developed proprietary neural networks development. Cashapona Management team is privileged to announce that Dr. Krishna Dutt joined into Cashapona advisory board for ML/AI. He will be driving the strategy, research work and product improvisations at Cashapona in ML/AI area.

Established COEs in prior role:

  • Technology Development and Robotics
  • Nano technology
  • Virtual Reality and Virtual Prototyping Center
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Machine Dynamics and Failure Analysis
  • Turbo Machinery
  • Heat Transfer Group – Technical Group

Areas of Expertise:

  •  Architecting the Large Scale ML applications/Products
  • Deep Neural networks and developed proprietary neural networks development
  • Several patents and research papers

Work in progress:

  • “Code-ML” This is a frame work for small and medium enterprises to leverage the power of Machine Learning / Deep Learning algorithm in their domains without having to any coding expertise and knowledge of deeper applied mathematics. It is intuitive.
  • A book on “Machine Learning using Tensor Flow with Applications” “Code-ML

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