Please refer the diagram below for DevOps Life Cycle stages and tools probably be used.
This may not be exhaustive list of tools, but covered important ones. Tools are mixture of open source as well vendor provided

1. Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery/Deployment (CI/CD) Framework:

This controls all the stages in DevOps life cycle by integrating various tools, services
and orchestrate them to automate the entire process.

2. Application Life Cycle Management (ALM) & Development:

  • Planning, Execution, Issue Tracking – Feature, Story and Backlogs creations and documentation of the products or projects.Also tracking issuesfrom development as well as rollouts.
  • Development – Feature development and implementation.
  • Version control, source code management.

3. Build & Package:

  • Build process can run in multiple times and package creation can happen at logical stage.
  • Collect all code and related objects, compile and resolve the dependencies. Build executable binary code.
  • Execute unit tests.
  • If the build and unit tests are successful, create packages out of build process with proper versioning and tagline for ease of management. This will help promote or rollback the environment.

4. Test Coverage:

  • Test all the source code, objects and packages before releasing to various environment.
  • Create test cases to automate and perform continuous testing.
  • Create test data and measure data efficiency.
  • Generate test report automatically.

5. Configuration & Provisioning:

  • Handles release planning, scheduling and controlling the software builds and packages across environments.
  • Handles creating servers and infrastructure, configurations of the same and managing.

6. Monitoring & Logging:

  • Monitor deployed applications, infrastructure, services etc. for performance,anomalies etc.
  • Capture and also log all the required metrics and report for easy analysis and dashboard